About Us

The Management Team at LHOA (Lombardy Homeowners Association) would like to congratulate you on your purchase and welcome you to Lombardy. We are here to help you settle in and make your Lombardy experience a pleasurable and long-lasting one. The Home Owners' Association exists for the benefit of the owners of property situated in the Estate. Membership of the Association shall be compulsory and automatic upon the registration of any of the erven in the Estate.

There is a difference between living in a community and being a part of that community. Being part of a community means sharing with your neighbours and being positive about the community. Home Owners at Lombardy share a common desire to promote harmony and contentment. The Home Owners need to ensure that this is sustained. This positive attitude will add further value to the quality of living and the stature of Lombardy, both as a community and as an investment. This goal is best achieved when homeowners, non-owner residents and association trustees recognize and accept their rights and responsibilities. In all cases, this entails striking a reasonable and logical balance between the best interests of individual homeowners and those of the community as a whole. It is with this challenge in mind that the Lombardy Home Owners developed this site. The intention is to evolve the site as an interactive communication tool which will be a benefit to the Lombardy community, both personally and financially. It will be regularly updated and maintained to high standards, to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

The technology we are using for this website is Storefront Catalogue Management System, and we have created a customized solution for Lombardy’s Home Owners Association. Home Owners will be able to register on the website and receive login details. Once this confirmed, accounts will be linked to Pastel and we will integrate a payment portal, allowing home owners to pay accounts/levies online. Home owners will be able to update their profile, view invoices, transactional history and statements. The website will have the ability to link properties to buyers. Each Home Owner will only see information and documents applicable to him, through his login details. Home Owners are able to access relevant documents uploaded by the Home Owners Association.

Please feel free to communicate with us to improve on this communication channel. In the process we hope to make a contribution to improving the services rendered by the HOA management and inform the owners of their rights, roles and responsibilities.